I was talking to a local business owner (not in the radio industry) who was trying to get a response from another local business via email. "Several emails over 2 years have gone unanswered", she said, my response, "did you call?" Crickets. Then "I don't even know if I have his phone number". Is this a "Millennial" thing (man do I hate that label)? Emailing and texting, not calling.

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Ya, I DEFINITELY Remember, You’re a Little Rude

I've met some interesting characters for sure over the years. One time I got a call from a guy in my state, who was at the gynecologists office with his girlfriend! Seriously, this guy calls me from the gyno office? Years later we had an email exchange. What I wanted to say? "Oh ya, the one who called me from the gyno office and never started a 24/7 news station"?

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I've had some very interesting phone calls with people. Many end the same way, can't get the right person on the phone, or I do. Then it's the sales part of the call. Some say, meh, not interested, or ya, send me a demo. But what do you do when they ask you, wait for it... to SNAILMAIL it? They actually say, can you mail it? Wait... what? What is this Snailmail you speak of? Then it's barked at me, "I don't do email"! MMMMMMMMMMkay, that's cool. Don't you wonder if I Snailmailed it?

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