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REMOTE NEWS Service offers radio news to stations which can’t afford a news team. We offer in-depth news coverage your audience relies on.

We deliver the content you want - when and where you want it - at a price you can afford.


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There’s nothing more valuable and trustworthy than localized radio

In these ever-changing times of digital hyper-awareness, local radio wins every time. Who do your listeners turn to when there’s a local tragedy or emergency, local radio for the win!

Major Market and Network experienced anchors deliver content for your station. From local to national – across all radio formats – Remote News Service anchors break it down with fresh content and much needed breaking news updates.

Lesley Lotto

President / Senior Anchor

Al Cannon

Anchor Teammate

Eric Sharp

Anchor Teammate

Jerry Lademan

Anchor Teammate

Nikki Whaley

Anchor Teammate

Jon Demaster

Anchor Teammate

Kristie McIntyre

Anchor Teammate

Patrick Johnson

Anchor Teammate

Claire Beverly

Anchor Teammate

Susan King

Anchor Teammate

Chris Russell

Anchor Teammate

Anchor Team

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Remote News Service broadcasters are the best in the industry. We have experience with all radio formats and have more than 50 years combined on the air. We are a professional and dedicated team who makes sure you get the best for your listeners. Whether you’re a Talk station or Adult Contemporary Music or Rock, we have you covered. If you need a quick headline package or 5 minutes including sports, weather and traffic, we can deliver on time, every time with our professional remote news anchors.

Remote News anchors can also fill in, in a pinch. Perhaps your regular anchor wants a much-needed vacation or they call in sick. Think of us as your “Rent-An-Anchor” service. We only need 3 hours notice! We provide fill-in, part time and full time news reporting and anchoring services.

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