I’m Super Pissed
Closeup portrait of angry young man, about to have nervous breakdown, isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotions facial expression feelings attitude

I’m Super Pissed

I was told I probably didn’t need to get vaccinated because I’ve worked at home for years and rarely leave the house. And my social life consisted of (past tense),…

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Zoomus Interruptus

We've all had days when there is just too much Zooming. You're online for meetings you may have had in person, or meetings you would never fly across the country…

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A Digital Diet is not a Thing

Just stop it! You're not super hip or grabbing the public's attention with your catchy phrase, you're confusing us! You influencers talking about taking a break from social media, I'm…

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Anchoring Without a Tooth

Tra la la working on Black Friday, NBD. After lunch, I took a bite of hard chocolate and BOOM! cracked off front crown. At times like these I'm thrilled I'm…

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