Don’t Upsell Me Bro

Don’t Upsell Me Bro

We’re in a weird time, for sure. Every time someone I haven’t spoken to in a while calls and asks how I am, I’m unsure how to respond. “Ya know”, I sheepishly report. Or, “I’m healthy”. Who says that?

It feels gross to be marketing right now, but those of us lucky enough to still be in business have to stay in business, yes?

I decided early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wouldn’t do my regular round of marketing calls. It felt wrong, but, who knows who’s even there. Am I right?

After a few weeks of not really a blood bath, as some are likening it in the broadcasting industry, but scary times for sure, I decided to start listening to others with more marketing experience than I have. Or maybe just smarter experience? Or maybe they’ve just had more success? I dunno, but what I do know is there’s only so much news casting, news watching, reading, yoga and meditation one can do without feeling like an expansion is needed, or you’re just not doing enough. Working 12-15 hours/day is though, right?

Yesterday I decided to hop on a Zoom conference with some highfalutin marketing guy who claimed to have valuable information. I never thought it would be one of those gross up-sell webinar type situations, but alas…

But what’s worse? The technology was terrible. There was lag, the angle of the camera was all wrong, audio cutouts, road-construction in the background, and, well I could go on, but I digress.

I’ve realized we can’t worry about the sound quality anymore, like us broadcasters are prone to do. We’re in the age of coronavirus after all. But seriously, what can I learn about pivoting and selling when these people made me want to jump because they lacked basic optical professionalism?

I stayed on the call, which the main speaker was bumped off of and then it was thrown to people in the virtual audience to sell their wares or remark on their own pain points. Then alas the highfalutin speaker was back.

Later I received a “thanks for joining our call” email with a great offer of only $2,900 for a five week course. One word, astounded.

Ever happened to you?

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