Right?! Wrong. I was talking to a friend before the holidays about why certain folks just don’t seem to get ahead. He said, they’re not “showing up”. I couldn’t agree more. I might also add, they’re getting in their own way.

Just yesterday I was talking to a local business owner (not in the radio industry) who was trying to get a response from another local business via email. “Several emails over 2 years have gone unanswered”, she said, my response, “did you call?” Crickets. Then “I don’t even know if I have his phone number”.

Is this a “Millennial” thing (man do I hate that label)? Emailing and texting, not calling. I note that I am guilty of the same, but it’s been made very obvious to me over time, that you really need to get on the phone. You need to make that extra effort. Some people take days or never, to answer texts and/or emails (actually, quite the pet peeve of mine). You really need to show the other person you really want that thing that they have or can give. That old saying “calling it in”, what about texting it in? Or emailing it in? You can’t expect to get that thing when you send a note and sit back and wait while watching Netflix. You can’t sit there wondering why you’re not getting ahead. Are you working your tail off? Have you done every.single.thing. you could to get that thing?

Pick up the phone, you know you want to.

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