Ya, I DEFINITELY Remember, You’re a Little Rude

Ya, I DEFINITELY Remember, You’re a Little Rude

Part of my job is to bring more clients to my company, obvi. Sometimes I hear of positions so I send an email/note about my company, introducing the concept of remote news broadcasting or voicetracking the news, as it were.

I’ve met some interesting characters for sure over the years. One time I got a call from a guy in my state, about 90 mins away. He says they’re beefing up their station (an AM, really?) and will be live 24/7. My first thought was great, awesome! But I knew realistically that wouldn’t be. As we’re chatting I hear, “oh wait, hold on”. The guy gets back on the line, “sorry I’m with my girlfriend at the gynecologists office”! Shut the front door! Whaaaaa? Seriously, this guy calls me from the gyno office? So many things roll thru my head, like, really, are you alone? Does your girlfriend know you’re conducting business here, now? Are you having a baby? Is she OK? Don’t you think that’s a tad rude?

So the other day, I send an email about an open news position, moments later, a response, “don’t you remember me? I was that guy in Montana, we spoke?” Long story short, oh yes, how I remember. What I wanted to say? “Oh ya, the one who called me from the gyno office? And you never started a 24/7 news station? Is that why you’re in Texas?”

And as many times before, it’s probably best, I kept my mouth shut. Have you ever had an epiphany to stay quiet? Was it a doozy like this?

Do share!

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