Radio Napoleon

Radio is so much fun! And so. damn. difficult. Over the years I have been one lucky human. I've met the most amazingly talented and wonderful people, and some of…

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Yes, I’m Following You

I'm a podcast fiend, and, from what I'm told, friendly folk. (Stay with me, it's about to come together.) I'm super sensitive to words, as you may have guessed. As…

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This is not a Wordle Game

For the last few months I have been pondering the word, Sorry (the saddest word, according to Elton). This comes after I read something on LinkedIn that women tend to…

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Enticing the Young Ones

There's something about walking into a radio station and settling into the studio for a live show. Whenever I can, I visit client stations, just so I can tour the…

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If you've been on any dating apps, you've likely been ghosted (read: shunned). I've written before about being ghosted in the professional sense, by would-be clients seemingly interested in your…

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Confrontation or Enjoyable?
3D Generated Emoji

Confrontation or Enjoyable?

Years ago while I was in a department store, chasing my then toddler from underneath the turnstiles, someone said, "I know your voice". Uh-oh. A quagmire. Embarrassing, but flattering. I…

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What’s Your Name?
3D illustration of a magnifying glass over a paper bakground with focus on the word me. Concept of egocentrism

What’s Your Name?

Today I was looking for some business people to connect with and noticed an inordinate amount of businesses titled with only the owner's name. Joe Shmo Consulting and so forth.…

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