Whatever Happened to Curiosity?
One factor affecting whether curiosity is a positive or negative feeling is how long you have to wait for the answer you are looking for, says Tania Lombrozo.

Whatever Happened to Curiosity?

Everyone is in such a hurry all-the-time. We don’t sit back and wonder or ponder. And some of us don’t question anything.

I used to wonder what those bumper stickers were back in the day that said, “Question Authority”, and yes I believe that was to question the Vietnam War, or our government, but it can be more simplistic too.

Why don’t we question authority? or the rules? or our leaders? I mean, if we’re to live freely, we should be questioning everything. I’m talking about our friends, families, and partners… and definitely our bosses and/or work associates.

If we want successful relationships and thriving careers, we must be bold, and ask the hard questions, like “how am I doing” or “what could I be doing differently to help this partnership (or relationship)” or straight up, “how can I help”.

I get this may feel scary to some, but honestly how can you not ask? Do one thing everyday that scares you!

Staying complacent or even apathetic is so 1960. Let’s be more like 2024 and ask the hard questions. Go out there and BE bold, BE courageous and most definitely, BE fearless.

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