If I’m Being Honest

If I’m Being Honest

As a long time writer, I’ve always felt pulled to create from my heart.

Even as a journalist on the radio, it never occurred to me not to follow the so-called “canons of journalism”. So does that mean that people who write things that the majority of the people think are false, are actually false? Or, are they simply writing from their hearts?

Being a journalist, writ large, as taught in school, means the writer must be truthful and accurate, and barely seen today, objective, fair, and respectful.

I could spend all day on just the one term: respectful. What happened to respect? It’s cool nowadays to berate someone you don’t agree with online, the radio or on TV. Would you say it to their face? I get the frustration, and commenting on social media, heck, I’m guilty of it. But that’s not part of my role as a writer, frankly.

So I ask you, do you want my opinion? Or do you want to hear what I have to report as someone with years of training? These are very different things.

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