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The Genuine Article




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The genuine article

The real thing

It’s the Real Thing. Remember that campaign? It was for Coca Cola, replete with the infamous song “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”.

I’d like to buy social media users some authenticity please Chuck. Perusing posts over the last several years, has me dizzy. I have rolled my eyes so far back into my head, I’ve practically fallen backwards. When did we all start to use each other and one another’s “slogans” to get our own point across?

As a radio personality, it’s on you to be as natural as possible. And if you’re a bore, it ain’t for you.

Case in point. When it’s one of my kid’s birthday’s I don’t feel the need to push the narrative that I love them so hard it’s “to the moon and back” I also don’t need to advertise that I “can’t wait to see what the future holds” or “what the next year will bring”. I know how great my kids are, and anyone who knows my kids, also knows. It’s not important to me to blather on and on about my undying love for them, I birthed them, they know. Wouldn’t it be more authentic to discuss how your kids used permanent markers all over their faces and it really pissed you off? Or had a party and someone puked on your beige carpet, but they claimed they had no idea what happened? Now that’s really funny!

One of my other unimaginative faves: “THIS”. I’m sorry, can I buy a verb Chuck? What is THIS? What does THIS mean? Why must you use someone else’s idea who one day was original when they used just one word to showcase something? THIS makes me yawn.

Another doozie, “I did a thing”. What kind of 4th grade grammar mashup is this? What did you do? Oh! You got married! Does your wife know you’re referring to this momentous occasion as a thing? Yeah, I thought not.

And I don’t need to know who you think needs to know your latest post! Have you noticed this one? Someone posts something that they want their followers to know, but then say “I don’t know who needs to know this…”. Do they think they’re going viral with their post to their 100 friends and followers? I think I definitely don’t need to know this.

And readers, my eyes rolled all the way into the back of my skull and fell out of my head this past week, when the one and only – tossed from the House of Representatives – former Congressman from New York, Santos dissed a trauma survivor/gun control activist who was victimized at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High massacre where many of his fellow students were killed. Santos posted on the super popular social media platform formerly known as twitter to say he was “Today Years Old” when he found out said hero was not gay. No George, not everyone is a fading celebrity who needs to offer Cameo videos of themselves in drag.

It’s all just to say, why can’t we just be original? Like Kelly Clarkson, Drew Barrymore or Charlamagne the God?

I don’t know which other radio or talk personalities need to hear this, but not acting, and actually showcasing your authentic self is way more valuable than faking it. #tothemoonandbackwego

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