I’m Self-Confident, But I Got Bullied?

Within about 2 weeks of things really rolling I found out I was being cyber-stalked. Turns out there was a solo anchor, excuse me, "Senior Anchor" (Sr. for simplicity), already in place. (And I am not one for titles, the name of my last company was "Whatever", it really was!) Plus, I thought, I can have personal views that don't spill into my work on social media, and the Group PD seemed to agree. But when I say it never stopped… for 18 months, IT.NEVER.STOPPED. From that first day after I found out Sr. was Googling me, peeling down my Facebook and lurking at LinkedIn too. If I looked at the same (to try to understand this fascination), they reported ME as stalking them. What in the actual ….?

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It's getting harder and harder to do this job. Wake up and smell the murder. Today's headline: "Two people dead, two wounded and 19-year-old suspect jailed in bloody Laytonville attack."…


Humans? or Robots? You Decide

by Jerry Lademan When you think of the word “curator”, the image that jumps to mind may be someone pouring over dusty artifacts in a museum or library, deciding what…

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Showing Up

So there was this time… I was lucky enough to be a network news anchor, not once, but twice. The first time was beyond thrilling. To be chosen, even if…

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I am so not THAT!

Do you know a micro-manager? Or, ee-gads, have you worked for one? I have, so I do my best to leave my people alone. This has not always served me…

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