What’s YOUR Time Suck?
Social media time management and web strategy concept with a clock and social network word and sign printed in multiple colors 3d render image.

What’s YOUR Time Suck?

I got fed up with Facebook so I bailed. I put up the proverbial, I’m out, if you need me send me an email or text status update, and felt really good about my departure. It’s a good way to know just how much time in a day you spend scrolling endlessly thru your timeline.

I had an abundance of extra time.

I had set up multiple news sites to follow, fun sites like animals frolicking, babies smiling and of course my like-minded friends. I know a lot of what I see is duplication, and guess what, that means I just saved myself even more time, otherwise spent on social media scrolling down my timeline. Now I can spend just a little time scrolling, instead of all the way down (does anyone get that far anyway?).

I was checked out of Facebook land for just 7 days when a major news story broke (that was a long time for this government!). I still managed to stay away as I could easily visit any number of actual newspaper sites, who report, ya know, #realnews. And I still didn’t feel the need to visit Facebook.

My takeaway: when I’m bored, that’s the time I find myself on Facebook most. Twitter is good for breaking news and immediate reaction, then off to real newspaper sites to read what’s breaking, then maybe a quickie with Facebook to read reaction.

Not a fan of visiting LinkedIn for conjecture and politics. Just business articles and connection.

What’s your time suck?

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