Facebook break, but not Twitter

Facebook break, but not Twitter

Seems to me the biggest time suck of my life lately is spending time feeling outrage as I scroll down my Facebook feed. It’s a time suck, that I agree to, by reading news stories, commenting on other people’s posts, then worrying, “was I too harsh?”, “did I get my point across?”, “was I too tame?”, “should I share this?”.

Every now and then it’s nice to take a break from Facebook. (A total digital cleanse is the best, but not always possible.) This is our faults, yes? We “like” a gazillion pages, then we are inundated with info and feel the need to scroll all the way through every single thing we see.

I’ve been on Facebook since the first days and I wasn’t even a college kid. I just wanted to stay in touch with my friends back home more frequently. It wasn’t that much of a time suck back then. Then all of the businesses started their own “Fan Page” (as did I) and it became a whole different animal. But Twitter is so different.

I suppose you could also spend a major part of your day on Twitter (because, links!). You could answer people’s tweets, tweet at them and come up with unique content for others to tweet around too. But I just don’t spend that much time there. I don’t feel pulled to it or like I’m missing out. I look around, re-tweet, post news and bail.

What do YOU do that’s a time suck? Facebook? Insta? Snapchat?

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