When Weather is NOT the Story

When Weather is NOT the Story

When Weather is NOT the Story

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalpse, SNOMG (my personal fave), Snowtastrophe, Snonami, Major Storm Warning, Winter Storm Warning, Blizzard Warning, blah, blah, blah. When the graphics take over the story, is it still a story?

I’m like a teenager, easily distracted by graphics. Nothing against teens mind you, I have one of them. But when the graphics on a news show or network take over, it really bothers me. What about when you’re watching your favorite TV show and suddenly the little Dancing With The Stars dancers strut, tango or waltz their way along the bottom of your screen? Infuriating, right?

Ok, maybe that’s overly dramatic, but, my point is: when the graphics take over and you’re busy trying to one-up your competition, hasn’t the story taken a back seat?

It’s like the election, when every cable news network had that countdown clock. Or when the President speaks, Countdown to State of the Union, or Countdown to Budget Crisis, or Countdown to Debt Ceiling Deadline. When it’s a Countdown to a Deadline, aren’t we also being redundant?

I know, I know, there she goes again sounding like a complaining/kvetching hen pecker. But really, can we just get some plain ol’ graphics up in this joint?

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