Are You That Person Who Loves Their Job?

Are You That Person Who Loves Their Job?

Are you that person that loves their job?

I was talking to someone about how people who have worked in radio, love radio so much, and cannot get away from it. No matter how hard you try, the passion runs so deep, we just can’t stay away.

I’ve even offered to work at an entry level job in the past, just to be in a news room, have you?

I was teaching yoga yesterday and after class, 2 girls, Seniors in high school came up to me after for a chat. I asked what they were doing after high school and they told me, one an elementary school teacher and the other said she was “considering” journalism, “I’m obsessed with Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper”. I said “yay, I love that, I’m a journalist”. Her eyes lit up. She wondered how hard it was to find a job. I said not very, compared to way back when in the lonely days of Radio and Records and the Gavin Report. Those were seriously the only ways to find radio jobs. Now it’s easy, you hop online and search! (Of course there’s more to it, but I think she was more concerned with the how.) I remember being so desperate for a radio job out of college, I went through the White Pages and called every single radio station in Los Angeles (where I grew up). I even got close with one of them, but ended up moving out of town to a smaller market because I knew someone who worked at a TV station.

I told the Senior journalism wannabe, to just go for it. If you’re passionate about something, you should always try. There really is no turning back. I told her, that I still love what I do just as much as the first time I tried it in college. I told her about my Internship at KGIL in the San Fernando Valley and the great mentor I had there. It was a short chat, but it reminded me how lucky I am. So, so, so blessed and thankful every day to love my career as much now as I did back when I that college kid.

Find your passion, then you will always be happy. The rest will fall in place. I promise.

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