Should I Eat My Hat?

You remember that old colloquialism, I’ll Eat My Hat, if… Last week I was talking about how important it is for the press to cover OTHER news, you know, news that MATTERS. I was, wait for it, another colloquialism, Called to the Mat, for saying any tidbit about the President Elect should be considered news. But I humbly disagreed.

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My Boss is Difficult

My boss is difficult. We've all been there! Don't leave, learn to partner with the difficult boss instead. Smile and forge ahead. You won't be sorry.

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Keepin’ My Head Up

Ego: My point here is we've all worked with these people, yes? Some days I still do. You know that person who wants you to feel bad about yourself because they feel bad about themselves.

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I’m Self-Confident, But I Got Bullied?

Within about 2 weeks of things really rolling I found out I was being cyber-stalked. Turns out there was a solo anchor, excuse me, "Senior Anchor" (Sr. for simplicity), already in place. (And I am not one for titles, the name of my last company was "Whatever", it really was!) Plus, I thought, I can have personal views that don't spill into my work on social media, and the Group PD seemed to agree. But when I say it never stopped… for 18 months, IT.NEVER.STOPPED. From that first day after I found out Sr. was Googling me, peeling down my Facebook and lurking at LinkedIn too. If I looked at the same (to try to understand this fascination), they reported ME as stalking them. What in the actual ….?

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