I’m a Reporter, And I Don’t Care About Trump

I’m a Reporter, And I Don’t Care About Trump

Don’t get me wrong, I care as a human person who the president is. But as I’ve said before, I’ll say it again, there are other, much more important stories. That are neglected.

Today I wrote a story about a 5 year old girl who was killed because a man driving on the highway using Facetime slammed into her family’s car. Call me fickle, but I think this is a much bigger story, than, say, the mellow mood Trump was in at Mar-A-Lago. You?

Seriously, who wouldn’t be in a more mellow mood, when they’re not yet president and vacationing like a billionaire? You’ve got your cabinet choices pretty well chosen. Your family is on vacation in the sun, away from the press (most of the press, anyway).

But there’s a child killed, because someone is careless with their iPhone. Did you hear about this story? Will anyone know about it? Shouldn’t the stories about people we don’t know make a little bit of news?

What do you think?

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