Keepin’ My Head Up

Keepin’ My Head Up

We’ve all been there, that person who thinks they walk on water.

When I got my first job out of college at a radio station, I could not have been more excited. It was at a major Los Angeles news station, a wee, wide-eyed girl, eager to please.

So when the morning anchor called to me “hey girl, get me more coffee”, or “hey girl, change the paper in the wire printer (back in the old dot matrix days)”, I jumped. Who wouldn’t? It just was how it was.

One time, someone in the same position as me (production/editorial assistant) thought it would be really funny to post one of my stories on the newsroom bulletin board with a glaring error. He was training me. So why not teach? If ever there was a teaching moment, THAT was it. (Too bad Meredith Grey wasn’t around back then. If you can work with the woman who killed your husband on the table, you can teach anyone anything, right?!?)

To say I was mortified would be an egregious understatement. My point here is we’ve all worked with these people, yes? Some days I still do. You know that person who wants you to feel bad about yourself because they feel bad about themselves. There was that sports guy that called in with his live shot and screamed at me while I was rolling tape (back in the actual tape and razor days), no clue why. Or more recently, the “Sr. Anchor” who wrote scathingly awful emails to everyone calling them out on their “mistakes” in all CAPS. Or that client who screamed at me because the anchor wasn’t quite up to par that day (I asked that dude to chill, he did).

Sure wish I knew how not to take things personally though. Still working on that one. I’m still a work in progress. You?

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