I've had some very interesting phone calls with people. Many end the same way, can't get the right person on the phone, or I do. Then it's the sales part of the call. Some say, meh, not interested, or ya, send me a demo. But what do you do when they ask you, wait for it... to SNAILMAIL it? They actually say, can you mail it? Wait... what? What is this Snailmail you speak of? Then it's barked at me, "I don't do email"! MMMMMMMMMMkay, that's cool. Don't you wonder if I Snailmailed it?


I’m Self-Confident, But I Got Bullied?

Within about 2 weeks of things really rolling I found out I was being cyber-stalked. Turns out there was a solo anchor, excuse me, "Senior Anchor" (Sr. for simplicity), already in place. (And I am not one for titles, the name of my last company was "Whatever", it really was!) Plus, I thought, I can have personal views that don't spill into my work on social media, and the Group PD seemed to agree. But when I say it never stopped… for 18 months, IT.NEVER.STOPPED. From that first day after I found out Sr. was Googling me, peeling down my Facebook and lurking at LinkedIn too. If I looked at the same (to try to understand this fascination), they reported ME as stalking them. What in the actual ….?

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Humans? or Robots? You Decide

by Jerry Lademan When you think of the word “curator”, the image that jumps to mind may be someone pouring over dusty artifacts in a museum or library, deciding what…

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When I started working in Montana, my new boss called the way certain people sounded on the air "pukers", you know them… HEY, GOOD MORNING… blah, blah, blah, all at…

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