Remote News Service delivers locally driven, market specific news casts to give listeners a feeling of community and to save stations money. Remote News Service can also provide a combination of Local, Regional, National and International news so your station can save on network feeds.

Remote News Service Broadcasters have experience with all types of radio formats. Whether you’re a Progressive Talk station or Conservative, Adult Contemporary Music or Rock, we have it covered! If you need a quick 1 minute cast or 5 minutes with sports, weather and traffic, we’ve got you covered.

When news breaks, we’re on it. There’s no need to worry or spend extra time tracking down staff members. We exist to exceed your expectations. We’re the dependable, alternative choice for accurate quality news for your specific market needs.

Whether you need an authoritative Newstalk sound or a young, hipper feel for your Alternative Rock station, it’s no problem! We can accommodate your specific needs.

Subscribers get their own Login area where they sign in and receive a confidential password. Newscasts and reports can be in either MP3 or .WAV format, whatever your needs are, we can help.