Working At Home Is My Thing

Working At Home Is My Thing

Working at home is my thing. I’ve been at it almost my entire adult career life.

After college I worked at various radio stations, then after jumping around a tad much, I did temp work, which eventually landed me at home working for myself. I got back into radio station work after 9/11, but somehow jumped around again, then ended up back at home. Where I belong, I spose.

I’m a firm believer in messaging. If I keep ending up working at home, then shouldn’t I be working at home? You cannot beat the flexibility, but what about bouncing ideas off of your co-workers? You can’t. I guess, there’s Skype and email and texts, etc. But being in the same room with other humans and the teamwork and camaraderie isn’t the same when you’re using technology to achieve that.

So what’s the next best thing? Why animals, of course! My two stalwart companions (actually 3, but the other guy is too old to make it to my office these days). Seriously, I can talk to them about work and they just look at me. There’s no arguing, disagreeing or even, disobeying. They just love me no matter.

Tell me about your office companion(s)!

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