Work Ethic During a Pandemic

Work Ethic During a Pandemic

Have you wondered why some people are working even harder now, while others are simply paralyzed?

It’s quite common to sit stunned at your desk and not be able to take action because heck, some days we don’t know what’s coming next.

For someone working in the news business, we’re in a dizzying moment. And I say moment on purpose, because literally, from moment to moment, there’s something else distracting us to attention.

It’s so easy to just sit and wonder, what do I do now? What SHOULD I do now? What is expected of me? How can I best serve? If I start calling people to check in, will they think I have an ulterior motive? Maybe I should start cold emailing people, nah… (lord knows I’ve had some doozy emails lately with people who have no clue what line of work I’m in. A good learning experience for sure.)

It’s a whole new world out there. You’ve got to be on your game and ready to deliver the goods or you’ll get lost in the shuffle. You need to know your business and know your competitors and be prepared to change your mindset on a dime, take rejection with a grain of salt, and be your most compassionate self. We all need some tenderness right now, but we also need to work hard to get this country back in shape!

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