What’s Your Favorite Technology?

What’s Your Favorite Technology?

What’s Your Favorite Technology?

Honestly, I could do without my phone. It’s so, SO distracting (and ok, fun! Especially the new GIF’s you can send in your texts ;), and apps, so many apps. But I digress).

I happy about the Internet. I can now self-diagnose any ailment I have. No, that’s not why. I can research anything. And I can work from home. Bing, Bing, Bing, you win!

It all started back at KFI, while I was in the studio with an anchor who was “voice-tracking” for a station in Alaska. What? I was floored! First of all, back in 2004, this was forward-thinking. Who voice-tracked back then? It was probably the impetus to podcasting.

Where would we be without the Internet? We couldn’t read online, we couldn’t socialize online, we couldn’t research or share or findings online. Hello! We could do exactly nothing online!

I jumped on the Internet train way early. I remember my sister in law was going to start teaching people how to use the Internet back in the late 90’s. Nobody knew what it was and there were no search engines back then. Remember Netscape? That was really it. This was before the days of AOL and Prodigy. Remember Prodigy? They had these weird email addresses that were all characters or letters. I went for that so I could be different and I got a Mac because it was different. (I’m all about uniqueness.) Totally digressing again, my point: technology has changed us.

Please share what technology you love. I could use learning some new tricks!

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