We’re Going in a Different Direction

We’re Going in a Different Direction

How many times have you heard this one? Or said it?

I think it was just one time for me. I literally had nothing else to say, and they were getting on my last nerve. So do you say that or “stop over-selling yourself”, “you’re just not that good”, my personal favorite, “you didn’t follow the ad’s directions”, or “I’m just not that into you”… shall I go on?

I’m not proud. But I’ve also been on the other side of it. In radio, you need to have thick skin, accept rejection and move on. I also teach yoga, so I’ve had to audition behind the mic and on the mat. And I understand when there are a slew of applicants and you so want to respond. So do you put together what you think is a great form letter? I just think this phrase needs to be tossed in the proverbial trash bin.

What if you don’t respond at all? Is it considered ghosting if there was never any correspondence to begin with?

As we recover and continue to our search for contract, full time and part time work, something more personal is going to really help those on the hunt. So please, take a minute, put the person’s name in the rejection, and wish them well.

I’m going to do it too.

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