Waste My Time

Waste My Time

So I decided to get up earlier to have more time… hah!

We recently updated our internet so it’s quicker and with that came a lot of other updates and re-installs. For instance my printer is wireless and wouldn’t work with the new router. Something I thought would take all of 2 seconds to look for the new wireless router took 5 hours. Why? Because I decided to, on a whim, just uninstall and reinstall the software since the computer couldn’t see the printer and the printer couldn’t see the printer. Just.Shoot.Me.

Turns out, and many of you know this one, an anti-virus program, will many times, not let you install new programs. wtheck! So ya that’s time I will never get back. So I call Canon, then they tell me to call Avast! I call Avast! they ask to do a remote session which I do, then they have the audacity to try to upsell me yet another program because the problem isn’t technical, it’s that my computer has all sorts of “errors” and doesn’t preform correctly, right! You lose sucker.

Instead, I dumped their program, that yes, I did pay for, cleaned it out in safe mode from my computers innards and load my old/new printer just fine. Then I had my regular computer tech who I respect highly, get me a new anti-virus and check my computer remotely. Phew!

Lesson learned? Please share your latest frustrating computer experience with me!

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