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A history of our Virtual News Service

For our founder, Lesley Lotto, small market news is a passion.  She left Los Angeles so she could be part of a start-up in Montana.  After 8 short months, however, the station she was managing changed formats and she lost her dream job.  Lesley learned something valuable though, small markets are the lifeline of their communities. Thanks to the Internet, she could serve many markets, large and small, by delivering the news remotely: Virtual News! This realization led her to form Remote News Service (RNS).

The company didn’t launch overnight however. At first she started a podcast, featuring snarky, comment laden news. Not long after she was able to sell some ads on that content.  Then a light went on. She thought; why not digitally deliver Virtual news to radio stations? That’s really not that different from what stations get when they have someone in their building, right?  Some may not agree, but really, “Virtual” or Remote broadcasting is not much different than having a warm body in a studio. In fact, in many ways it’s better!

Stations have had virtual-deejays for years.  Lesley first heard about voice-tracking many years ago when she was working in Los Angeles.  It was a foreign concept back then, but it’s common practice today.  More and more, air personalities are delivering on-air, local content for stations from hundreds, or even thousands of miles away – Virtually!

Lesley told a friend in the business about her idea and was hired immediately.  She had her first virtual client!   She still retains that first client over 8 years later. Her stable of clients continues to grow and now RNS employs a whole team of talented, major market/network experienced, Virtual news anchors.  

We cover breaking news, traffic and weather (and even sports!), all custom delivered both on air and online.  Having multiple anchors on staff means we’re always able to deliver America’s local news, even if someone is out sick or on vacation. Our major-market trained radio reporters have 100+ combined years of experience!   Simply put, we’re mobile! So we don’t need to leave one market to move to another. Our motto is: Have microphone (and editing software) will travel.  

We cost about 30% of what it would cost you to hire someone full-time.  We’re also able to fill in when your regular person is away. Think of us as your radio temp agency, if you will.  

We are currently offering radio stations across the country a free one week trial of our virtual local news service. We have limited spots available however so call now to learn more! We’d love to discuss how we can help your station.

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