There’s Other News Ya Know…

There’s Other News Ya Know…

What about the other news? Are we so absorbed in DC that we’ve got no idea there was a knife attack in Paris? Or over on the other side of the world, a real feel good story about a wheel-chair bound man from New Jersey training to be a boxer.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily shock to the system that has become our politics. I’ve been doing a podcast for a couple of years now on other news, News that MATTERS (insert shameful plug here) but, if I’m being honest, I too have fallen prey to the never-ending scandals plaguing the White House.

Some of the other news stories across the globe really do demand our attention. Whatever happened to the fires in the Amazon? Do you know? Do you care? What about the Royals? I’m obsessed with Meghan personally.

How do we peel ourselves away and not engage with others on this heated topic? Just. Say. No. Give others a taste of anything else going on. Give them a smile instead, give them your ear, but turn it when it goes to the 24/7 news cycle lapping up anything and everything POTUS does. If it’s not affecting you directly, chances are it’s not really affecting any other person (unless they work in the federal government).

And pretty please, check out my podcast, check out my website. Find local news for your station without the noise of National News coming out of Washington. And go get a Pumpkin Spice, Tumeric, Matcha Latte, or whatever other trendy thing that floats your boat. Tune out, then tune in somewhere else. Namaste’.

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