The Beast Got Me

The Beast Got Me

I finally allowed myself to leave the house and take a retreat. You had to be vaxxed and wear a mask at all times. About 4 days later I started getting this weird tingling in my face. I went away again, this time, I was lax. I rarely masked, and neither did anyone else. A few randoms, the responsible ones! The 2nd day of that trip I had a headache, not unusual for me, I don’t sleep great and generally get a headache. I said to Steve, well if I’m getting it I’ll know in 3 days.
Then a few days later I WAS sick. But I continued my regular exercise routine, I was in the middle of #75hard and I was bound to do it. I got a COVID test Tuesday. Then last Weds my resting heart rate was 120. I knew I was really sick, but I must have the flu, because my test was negative.

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week I sunk into a deep depression. I really wanted to die. I felt terrible. Uncontrollable coughing, headache, so tired. I attempted to work Wednesday and couldn’t. I have been off ever since. On Saturday my smell and taste were gone. I knew. So I got another test. Waves of exhaustion continued, but I could take a walk. My cough was gone though. Lots of mucus, heavy feeling in chest. Confusion, dizziness. Stomach aches and heartburn. Probably the worst thing, my ear is so plugged it’s ringing. I had heard this could happen after the vaccine. I pray it goes away. It’s ANNOYING AF.

On Sunday I went again for a test. I was convinced with the new loss of smell and taste that the beast had finally gotten me.

I received the test result early this morning – POSITIVE. I felt relief. Because what in the hell else was this? I have been writing about this disease for nearly 2 years everyday. I have a podcast about it. I knew.
I feel lucky that I was vaccinated, imagine had I not been. I had lung surgery years ago, I probably would not have survived this hideous disease. I feel horrible for all of the people who have not had my privilege, that I can stay home. That I have insurance. That I have people who care about me. That I don’t HAVE to work while feeling like the Grim Reaper is waiting for me.

I’m not being dramatic, this is insidious. It is awful, it is everything you read about and so much worse. And I have been vaccinated!

Please get vaccinated, listen to real scientists, don’t take hokey medications that people are talking about online, because they were just lucky. I took Vitamin C, D, Zinc (every other day), some immune support that I could have been better with, Andrographis, Neti pot 2 x’s/day, loads of water and tea. #getvaxxed

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