Team Building, So Not a Cliche’

Team Building, So Not a Cliche’

For the first time in the history of my “Adventures in Management” have I asked my whole team for their input. I sent out a group email asking for feedback and I am pleased with the response I got.

A potential client asked for some things of this tiny, little engine that can and will, but not this time. I wanted my team to let me know if I made the right choice, or what I did wrong. I need these teaching moments. Many of my anchors have more on-air experience and even years more management experience.

This was a decision I made on a whim, include the team. And it was extremely fruitful. Not because every last one of them agreed with my decision, but because I got valuable, solid feedback, by a really solid and extremely valuable team.

I feel beyond blessed to work with these people.

Carry on…

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