I went away from my studio, but got inside radio.

There’s something to be said about traveling away from your comfort zone. It’s one thing to get on the phone with people, try to get past the person answering the phone (it’s kind of a fun challenge) and getting who you need to talk to, to want to talk back to you (with a skosh of interest). It’s a whole other thing, to go to a conference/convention and get a whole bunch of radio geeks all in one place and really work it.

To say being back in Los Angeles was a challenge is an understatement. I love L-A! But I hate the traffic. I remember saying L-A was so laid back compared to New York, but now I feel super challenged and nervous getting on the freeway there or standing in line to get food/drink or even schmoozing (I was the queen of the schmooze back in the day). Remember that funny video “Honey Badger Don’t Care”? That’s pretty much what I did. Hand shaking, business card trading and yoga, lots and lots and lots of yoga. Taking 90 minutes to travel 18 miles is a colossal waste of time. I get the whole Uber thing, why not read or make calls or do something with those 90 minutes rather than hope you make it through your commute with your precious life?

The conference was a win win, I met great people who I’d otherwise never get on the phone with me. I learned a lot, listened a lot, and shook a lot of hands.

And guess what, I’m gonna do it again every year!

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