Are You Sure You Want a Job

Are You Sure You Want a Job

Are You Sure You Want a Job

I am a worker bee. I have held down a job since I was 14 years old (that was the worst job ever, I might add).

Sometimes, as a business owner, I come across people who seem so gung ho, but then when it gets down to the nitty gritty of work, they’re done. There’s a lot of groaning and complaining or simply, not doing. One obstacle to an easy day and they’re out. Being a reporter is not exactly smooth sailing (especially now with the whole #fakenews epidemic).

I know I seem to complain a lot about finding quality people, and let me preface that by saying, I have ten very solid people working remotely for this company right now and many have been with me for several years.

This is more of a query letter, if you will, where have all the solid, hard workers gone? I mean, are you sure you want a job?

I went on a 3 day vacation recently (my husband’s family reunion), and a new hire didn’t show up. They had a medical emergency (which is a whole Oprah Show!). Another person I’d recently hired, who I knew had very little work, straight up refused to help saying they had other commitments. Ok, that’s cool. But to make matters worse, I had zero cell service to make calls, I couldn’t text and did not have any broadcasting equipment with me. You know, vacation and all. So when the client called to complain, I never got the call or I heard part of their voice, but I did get to read a bunch of emailed complaints and even got one on Facebook.

You obviously can’t tell someone they have to help you, but if you’re new at a job, don’t you want to help out? To me, impressing the company I work for, is sort of key to getting ahead. And straight up refusing work, when you actually need it, is straight up baffling…

What say you?

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