Social Media Sticky for Applicants

Social Media Sticky for Applicants

Social Media Sticky for Applicants

I am currently looking for an anchor for a new client. As I perused the applicants, one had several signature lines including their twitter handle. So for the first time ever, I look. And it was really scary.

It didn’t take me long to get back to my email and delete the application. The reason? Hate. Pure hate and some serious threats, most with political bent, with a sprinkling of #fakenews.

My Facebook is set to private. Not even my husband can see some of my activity. I learned the hard way that the amount of followers or “friends” one has, is unimportant.

If you’re applying for a job and you promote your social media accounts in your signature line, make sure they are appropriate for the audience you promote it to.

I used to think it was wrong for potential employers to require access to your social media, but you know what, it really does give you an eye into what that person may be like. What kind of personality they have, how they might behave in your organization and how clients and their audiences may perceive them.

After I read this twitter account, my immediate, first thought was, what would my clients think if they saw this. And I knew it was #nope.


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