Remembering the Good Ol’ Days

Remembering the Good Ol’ Days

Remembering the Good Ol’ Days

Remember way back when to when you worked in a newsroom, you wrote and presented your news (or luxuriously had a news writer), went home, and probably didn’t know if there was a major breaking story unless you turned on the TV or someone called your landline? Ya, me neither….

Think about how much more time we’d have on our hands if we weren’t so attached to whatever was happening every single second of every single day.

It got me thinking, seriously, back to the (good?) old days when we used a razor blade to cut our newscasts. It’s not THAT far back. Or at least it seems like yesterday, that we left the newsroom and were gloriously out of touch. When you were off, you were off.

Don’t get me wrong, A news junkie, am I! I would happily jump right back in if someone called me with a breaking situation, no problem. Get in the car, hardly have to deal with traffic and park without paying. Sign me up.

Those were the days! Now I sound really old, don’t I?

But how much more time would we have in our lives if we left work, and left it behind? Now we are just so connected. It’s non-stop, 24/7, unless we force ourselves to disconnect.

Which do you like better? Or if you’re a young-in’ what SOUNDS better?

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