Radio is the Go-To for “Accurate News”

Radio is the Go-To for “Accurate News”

Radio is the Go-To for “Accurate News”

So millennials ARE listening to radio! And they’re turning to radio for news? What? Yep! The study by NuVoodoo shows out of about 3,000 people, ages 14-54, the top choice for “accurate news” was radio across the political spectrum!

Of course this is huge news in the era of “Fake News”.

That’s why it’s so important for radio stations to either beef up their news presence or start anew if they’ve abandoned it. It’s a money maker too. All of our newscasts sell out quickly.

We are happy to give you a market-focused demo that you can even play on your station as a test to see what your audience thinks.

We also produce news for vacation relief, holidays and even sick days (with only 6 hours notice). We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance!

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