Please DO Follow Up

Please DO Follow Up

Please DO follow up

When you reach out to someone for a service and they reply, do you reply if you don’t want it?

Let’s say I order porridge and it’s not just right 😉 (get where I’m going?). Do I ask for it to be just right or leave the cabin? In other words, do you do the back and forth to make it quite right or do you really not want the service to begin with?

Maybe the 3 bears analogy wasn’t quite right, but you get it, no? When someone asks me for help, I always respond. If they send me an email just to say something to me, having nothing to do with anything, I’m responding. That’s just me.

It’s been mentioned here before, but, not answering emails and texts that ask for something is downright unprofessional. In my humble opinion… If you don’t want what I’ve got, tell me, I can take it!

What’s your opinion?

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