The Person I’ve Been Looking For

I write a lot about the hiring process for my company. I started to notice a trend this last time I was searching for fill-in anchors, super/over-achieving confidence.

While I am a big proponent of being able to sell yourself to a potential employer, I also think there’s a fine line between over-selling and being confident in your skill set.

So this last time around I got, “Look No More”, “I’m the Media Professional You’re Looking for” and “Talent You Need”, hmm, insert the scratching the chin emoji right here. Talent you need? I’m fine thanks. Media professional I’ve been looking for? I prefer weirdos with crazy talent who show up on time (a story for another post!). And look no more, that would be nice, but how will I grow my company?

Sometimes when I look for more clients, I question my writing in that intro letter, so while short and sweet is probably best, be confident without over-arching crazy ego, k?

While researching this I found some classic cover letters, so I’m linking one of the best right here! Tell me some of your great hiring stories…

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