Pandemic Musings

Pandemic Musings

My antibody test was negative. I am a paranoid health freak. As soon as this thing reared its ugly hear I went and got some herbs. It’s true, I felt mildly ill, but given the anxiety provoking first symptoms we all hear about, I had none of that.

One of my family members got COVID-19 and I was their caretaker. As soon as there was even a possibility, I freaked. He sat on my bed, so I ripped everything off, all pillows in giant trash bags sealed tight for 10 days. Bedding in the wash. Isolate patient.

When he didn’t have a fever, but was sick we weren’t sure, so I did what any health freak would, I read what to do! I gloved up, masked up, served food on paper and tossed it in the trash immediately. And about 2 days later, he felt better, we made him stay isolated another 6 days.

He could not get a coronavirus test so we supposed that he didn’t have it. But further symptoms were revealed in news reports, like a loss of smell and taste. He had that.

About a month later his antibody test came back positive. I swore I must have had it too, because I was the sole caregiver, and this virulent disease with its octopus legs got me too, just a milder version, or maybe asymptomatic? NOPE.

What are you paranoid about when it comes to COVID?

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