Pandemic Musings – We Get Hate Mail

Pandemic Musings – We Get Hate Mail

“Only 130,000 people have died”. How dare I focus on that. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been thru anything like this before. So ya, I’m going to focus on it, sorry, maybe turn the dial?

I haven’t received hate mail in years. It’s like a badge of honor and it used to really roil me. Now, meh. This one looked like it came from the White House directly. Said I was one-sided, and negative to conservatives. Facts are like that. Negative to someone who doesn’t like facts. I have personal leanings, but my news does not lean. I have worked for three major networks and one major market radio station (in person), all of which were strictly conservative and extremely right leaning. Two were so conservative, they were borderline conspiracy theory story telling. One went out of business after too many of those theories led to too many lawsuits, the other got sued and went online only. The third is the largest news network in the world which I left because quite frankly working weekends sucks!

But I digress, back to the hate mail. My COVID updates, the message went on to say, forgot about all the protesters. Meh, show me a story that protesters were unmasked spreading the virus and I’m all over it. The Governor of Oklahoma sitting unmasked in packed restaurants, tweeting pics of himself, and going to the President’s Tulsa Rally with nary a mask, and folks sitting shoulder to shoulder, then contracting COVID himself, is a big story. At least that’s the way I learned it in Journalism school.

Oh and I’m not mentioning blue states with surges. The only one I see is California for which I report in 3 different cities. That’s all I do everyday dude. I wake-up to it and end my day with it. You must not be listening. Even though it’s a shame, because you love the station.

And the final note I got from this listener was that people have a “better chance of dying from heart disease with 647,000 thousand deaths/year. It’s true, I fact checked that. But heart disease is usually preventable and comes on over many years and can still further be prevented with lifestyle changes. You cannot prevent COVID with lifestyle changes except maybe mask wearing, social distancing and good personal hygiene. I should have asked him before he said “bye” and I said “bye” back.

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