Pandemic Musings – Telecommuting

Pandemic Musings – Telecommuting

Telecommuting used to be a buzz word and something people either really wanted in their lives, or said, “oh no, I HAVE to be around people”. Enter Zoom.

It’s really not the same as that in person, all the feels, but it’ll do in a pinch. Still there are those who really need to be in an office to feel productive. I’ve heard from some that they feel anxious working at home and can’t get anything done. I know how it feels to have your office in your room and not being able to get away from work. (I’m currently working in my kitchen).

I’ve worked at home for the last 25 years. Radio is pretty unstable so I jumped around quite a bit, then became a talent agent, working at home for myself. When I got back into radio, it was on weekends in house. Then at home again after creating my own company. Then when I went to work in network radio, I found the various personalities electrifying and fun and I loved it. But some days more than others. Rolling out of bed at 4am on Sunday, not so much. Plus you don’t have to ask anyone to please be quiet so you can concentrate. (Just the dog, when he barks at the deliveries. And the cat, when she wants to eat.)

How do you like telecommuting?

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