Pandemic Musings – PJ’s All Day

Pandemic Musings – PJ’s All Day

I remember back in the day, I would make myself, get into regular clothes for my at home workday. I’ve been working at home for at least 25 years.

Then when yoga became a big thing (and while living in Montana), I’d slide into sweats, if it was cold, or yoga pants or shorts in more temperate weather. And that was getting dressed.

Nowadays I roll up to a seat, meditate, do some yoga, brush my teeth, stroll into the kitchen and don’t even consider putting on “work attire”. It’s t-shirt and shorts all day everyday (unless it’s winter).

Does it make me less motivated? Nah. I would argue that it’s more motivating to be comfortable. Yesterday I wore pajamas all day long! Then after exercising, I switched right into another pair! I actually felt giddy! If we’re meant to stay home right now and we must work, why not make the most of it? Don’t just try to get through the day, try something new and do it well. Give your day everything you’ve got (and I dare you to stay in your PJ’s)!

It’s common to feel burn out, and it’s perfectly fine, but can you squeeze some giddiness in there too?

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