Pandemic Musings – People are Ruder

Pandemic Musings – People are Ruder

Have you noticed? It’s like we have another excuse to avoid.

I’m not talking about personal relationships, I’m talking business. Less staff, less time, more permission to avoid.

Suddenly people are ghosting like never before. In the past, I’ve been guilty. In a time crunch, I might not have answered an unsolicited job applicant or when I was a talent agent, a demo. If someone wasn’t a fit, I didn’t even say, “hey thanks, but we’re not hiring”. But now I’m doing the opposite, answering everyone, out of respect for their time.

Maybe it’s karma? Like, you didn’t respond, so now get a taste.

Someone needs to come up with an app, just like the vacation responder, but the kind that knows how to discern what category of response somebody gets. The applicants over here, the inquiries, over there, the follow ups, somewhere else.

Do you feel me?

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