Pandemic Musings – Jargon

Pandemic Musings – Jargon

What about when someone uses jargon to get out of a difficult discussion. Like “we’re going in another direction”.

I’ve been a manager for more than a decade and I make it a habit to not say this. As a “talent”, that’s a tough pill to swallow. So I don’t use it.

One time as a yoga teacher, I was a fill in teacher and the studio stopped having me fill in, when I asked why they gave me that excuse. So I asked for a teaching moment, can you tell me why? The owner said her partner didn’t like me. I never met her. That was weird.

Today I had a company call me to tell me they were going in another direction for a job I didn’t even apply for. What? I’m confused.

Can we find new jargon? Like, “your approach (read: personality) doesn’t match the team”. Or, “we filled the position”. Better, “we had to make some cuts, so our full timers are picking up the slack”. Best, “please stay in touch, the timing may just be off”.

Anyway, as a manager and past talent agent, now talent manager and “talent” myself, I feel triggered by “we’re going in another direction”. so STAWWWWP!

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