Pandemic Musings – Hurricane (I Can’t Pronounce) Version
Just one of many downed trees

Pandemic Musings – Hurricane (I Can’t Pronounce) Version

I used to pride myself on being able to run to my car to record a newscast if need be. Well, need be. For a week. Once or twice since my company started in 2007 we’d lose power and I’d hustle to a local coffee joint, grab a tea or coffee and write news, then hustle out to my car and record, then hustle back inside and hit send.

I’ve seen my share of wind, in Northridge, CA, it was a regular occurrence, lost a tree once, never lost power. In Montana, wind, snow, blizzards, lost power a handful of times. In New York, of all places, you think the power company would have their shit together, nope. 8 days, EIGHT days! And you couldn’t get a soul on the phone. Once it hit the mid 80’s they handed out, or shall I say rationed out water and ice. No cooling centers. What about the elders or those on medically necessary equipment.

Don’t get me started on the wifi situation. I feel like a spoiled brat even complaining about it, but I run my company ON THE INTERNET, so… Interesting, you couldn’t get a soul on the phone until when the wifi was back, they suddenly answered the call to tell you if indeed the internet was not working, it was your fault and you’d have to pay $80 to get a technician out. OY. So when they did come out, they REMARKABLY found a signal, and just like that, voila, it came back on. All of the power downs, and cycle throughs didn’t work, until they appeared like magic on my property and did nothing to get my wifi back on. Complete frustration! Don’t get me started on the massive salaries for the CEO’s of each company. Don’t want to run for office but DO want to do something about all of this nonsense. Enjoy my Storm 2020 photos!

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