Pandemic Musings – Broken Parts

Pandemic Musings – Broken Parts

It’s not enough that we can’t (or shouldn’t) really leave our homes, what about when things break down.

My neighbor told us their air conditioner broke in most of their house except one room, so they’re all sleeping in one room together, mom, dad and two littles. No repair person available until Monday.

Then today, I noticed my refrigerator felt suspiciously warm. UGH. The two cracks that appeared in the bottom of the freezer out of nowhere should have been a hint. Or the loud hum interrupting my news writing and anchoring (we’re banging on the fan to get it to shut up!)

Try getting a repair person out. Nobody is working in anybody’s homes. And do we want strangers in our homes right now anyway? Guess when the first appointment is for that? Yep, Monday. Goodbye my perfect avocados and kale.

Oh to be handy!

Anything tinkering you wish you knew now?

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