Pandemic Musings – Bake and Build

Pandemic Musings – Bake and Build

Is it sheer boredom, or the fact there’s more time when we work at home? I’ve worked at home my entire adult life. But no more commuting saves a lot of people a lot of time.

And, we’re not leaving our homes as much, so we’ve got time to build new decks, fences, and additions.

I’ve been gardening. (Where’s the eegads emoji?) I’m not great at it, but it looks decent and it’s super meditative. And dang if it doesn’t look better than before!

I love a good bread, but I’m not sure about all this sourdough starter stuff I’m seeing all over the place. I’m also not really the building stuff kinda human.

But when an entrepreneur changes their entire business to cater to the same customers in a new way, I’m all about support. Check this out!

Pivoting during the pandemic is risky, bold, and scary.

Let’s give it up for the creatives, the builders and the bakers. What did you start new?

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