Pandemic Musings

Pandemic Musings

Everyone’s talking about the “Quaran-fifteen”. I’m a victim.

And I’m sure you can get this from any health professional, a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help. Add stress, and that “spare tire” around the mid-section pops right up. Cortisol, the stress hormone likes to hang around there, like COVID likes indoor dining.

This doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, because I’m safe in my house. So I put on a few pounds. Big whoop! Nothing a Hip Hop Fit fitness class, yoga, stand up paddling, car washing or a deep house cleaning can’t get rid of. And all of that is very privileged too.

Just hearing that people are sleeping in their cars with their kids overnight, waiting for a COVID test has set me straight.

How much did YOU put on, 15? 10? 25?

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