Not #Winning and Definitely not “Loosing”

How can a newspaper allow bad grammar, spelling and yep, #fakenews?

One of my pet peeves in life is reading a newspaper (or a book for that matter) and finding typos. I just read a pretty good book as I trained it into Penn Station for my weekend work and found all sorts of typos. Where’s the editor?

A newspaper article I was recently using as a source (of course we attribute, is that even a thing not to?), was talking about losing, but spelled it: loosing. Wait, WHAT? That one kills me and: your instead of you’re, when referring to you are, a contraction, remember those? I hate to be the grammar police, but us Journalists are being maligned daily and we need to come back at this #fakenews epidemic with a little more vigor. The more lazy we are as a tribe, the more the epidemic is made real.

Let’s also learn our contractions, how to spell easy English words (I mean it IS “Made in America” week after all ;)), and get our stories right! The same local paper I’m referring to above also had some very wrong details in a story. I thought I would email the editor, but it turns out they don’t work on Mondays anymore, or Saturdays or Sundays. And by Tuesday, I’m totally over your error. (Thankfully I have other sources I can actually speak to.)

Also, if you can, send these small papers a donation, maybe they can rehire the writers who were working on Mondays, and get some of their other stories to be more on point with the truth. #justsayin

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