Musings from a Pandemic, pt.4

Musings from a Pandemic, pt.4

I got an antibody test, I mean, why not?

A close family member had the virus and I was in close proximity, even though they were holed up in a room alone. Their test for antibodies a couple of months ago was positive.

There’s so much conflicting info on immunity, so I thought, meh, who cares. But if I can help someone with plasma, that’s important.

It literally took me that month to get my butt to a clinic. I wasn’t afraid, I was lazy! Too much to do, too little time.

Does anyone else feel like they have even less time now? I’m doing less, but I have less time. Or I’m doing different things that take longer, and I’m taxed at the end of a day, ya, that’s it.

I’m taxed.

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