Musings During the Pandemic

Musings During the Pandemic

While I was “gardening” yesterday, I came to many realizations. I like the aesthetic of a pretty garden, but I suck at gardening.

I don’t mind the heat and humidity of New York, it’s good for your skin, right? But overdoing it can make you shake, especially if you haven’t eaten the proper amount of food.

I like talking to myself, it’s like meditating over the big stuff alone and not getting feedback, input or unsolicited advice.

I don’t mind being alone, but I prefer someone around at least 3-4 days/week. That could be in the form of an animal.

I must have animals around me at all times, so I can continue with self-talking, under the guise that I’m asking the dog and we’re contemplating life together.

I really like wearing lipstick, but it gets on my mask and turns to a big smoosh that doesn’t wash off.

Other people don’t like wearing masks and they will scream about it, in your face. It makes me ponder, do they actually have a health issue? Or is it a freedom thing? If in that case, I’m not going political with them, but it does make me roll my eyes.

I like being on the radio, live radio is more fun. And I prefer lifestyle, culture and sports (I know I totally don’t know a thing about it, but it’s better than the alternative), over politics and hard news.

I love to write. And I’m going to continue this more often.

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