Musings During COVID Pt. 2

Musings During COVID Pt. 2

Watching sappy Netflix shows is acceptable during a pandemic. As I’m watching Sweet Magnolias I’m thinking about how dumb it is, how hot the lead guy is, what a terrible actor the pregnant mistress is and I’m waking up thinking about the sappy show.

Doing yoga is essential during the pandemic. And really anytime for me personally. Waking up one half hour earlier to get my meditation and yoga practice in changes the dynamic of my whole day. If I don’t get up that little bit earlier, the whole day is me juggling when I can do my yoga practice and get in a 1/2 hour of cardio too.

Listening to laughter, mostly from my kids, is an essential part of continuing to function when the world is in a freefall.

Finding some silly, home related project to do is essential distraction. I’m currently fixing the floor in my laundry room, I know, BEYOND thrilling, but necessary for my distracted attention to detail issue.

Going to the market is f&^%$ing scary, but necessary. I mean you’ve got to eat. So recipe books are now a regular part of my life. Making lists, so I can plan ahead and not run out to pick up a few things is beyond essential.

Watching cable news a couple times/day is essential, even if I wasn’t a news reporter, I’d be all up in that, because I’m obsessed with current affairs. And what’s current is an out of control pandemic, Russia (again), the phone calls of a maniac and ewwww, an election.

See u soon.

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